Friday, September 25, 2020

Christian Schools Instill a Protestant Family Ethic (reposted with credit given)

Link to a great article about the influence of Christian education on its students.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Who Influences Your Child for 7 Hours, 5 Days a Week?

Information from a couple of recent local news stories helps underline how important it is for parents to understand why Christian schools exist, why those of us who work in them are committed to the kind of personal sacrifice required to serve in this way and why parents need to be just as committed to the same kind of sacrifice to make it possible.  

No "Opt-out" Option for Parents

The Inclusive Curriculum bill passed in Illinois last year now requires schools to teach objectives which include objectives about the positive contributions made to history by persons of alternative sexual orientation or gender identity.  The stated purpose of the instruction is (1) to introduce students to the concept of sexual orientation and what being gay, lesbian or bi-sexual means, and gender identity, and what it means to be transgendered, and (2) to provide students with information which shows the historical achievements of persons of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered persons in order to cultivate a favorable view of "alternate lifestyles" related to sexual orientation or gender identity.  

Teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in school is nothing new.  What's new about what is happening this school year under Illinois' new "inclusive curriculum" mandate is that parents are no longer notified when this will be taught and are not able to opt their children out of the instruction because it is integrated into the regular curriculum.  As far as we can tell, it is part of instruction beginning at Pre-K4.  

These are issues related to behavior choices and moral values.  Parents should be able to decide when it is appropriate to introduce this instruction to their children and from what perspective they will approach this issue when it is time to discuss it.  In the public school system, you are not offered either of those options and while you have no idea how the teacher who is presenting these objectives will approach it, you can be fairly certain that it will not take into consideration your family's Christian values or perspective on these issues, which has been mischaracterized as "hateful bigotry."  

Would you be comfortable placing your child in the hands of a school system that considers the Christian perspective on sexual orientation and gender identity "hateful bigotry"?  

Required Hindu Instruction in CPS?

Apparently several Chicago public schools have introduced transcendental meditation techniques to assist with classroom control and to assist in reducing disciplinary incidents in schools with high percentages of violent incidents.  The activity, which was required at several schools, is called "quiet time" and involves Hindu worship rituals during the meditation. No parent permission was sought.  Students in schools where this was occurring were required to participate in the sessions.  The denials that this activity was "religious" are appalling in that those who are advocating it do not seem to have the ability to recognize that transcendental meditation is a worship practice of Hinduism.  

The other disturbing aspect of some of the responses made to this activity comes from school officials who don't really seem to care that "quiet time" is inherently religious in nature.  They're OK with that, as long as they get the desired results.  The effort to keep any mention of what is going on at school with their kids and to keep parents in the dark is also, for lack of a better term, appalling.  

Your kids spend at least seven hours a day, five days a week, at school.  Let that sink in for just a minute.

These Aren't Rare Events

The public education system claims to operate under the principle of "religious neutrality."  If that were really the case, then neither human sexuality nor any kind of meditation practice falls within the scope of its mission and purpose.  But "religious neutrality" means that there is no place in the educational process for acknowledgement of the existence of God and as a result, the prevailing philosophy which governs the development of all curriculum objectives required in public schools follows the humanist philosophy which acknowledges human intellect as the highest form of intelligence in the universe.  

And just a word about Charter schools.  Charter schools are publicly funded and follow the same curriculum objectives and educational philosophy as the public school system.  Many Charter schools have a mission-driven purpose that can be hostile to any kind of Christian perspective and some are operated by groups that are openly hostile to any Judaeo-Christian influence.  And from an academic perspective, they are generally not as strong as most public schools.  

Sexual orientation and gender identity are just the tip of the iceberg.  One of the goals of the humanist movement as it began to fill in the vacuum left by the enforcement of "religious neutrality" on the public school system is to eliminate influences which they consider negative.  The founders and most of the adherents of humanism are atheists or agnostics, so as a consequence, they have developed a curriculum which is not specifically "neutral" when it comes to Christian faith in particular, but which is hostile toward it.  This secularization has invaded every grade level and every subject area and it permeates all instruction.  It makes an effort to conceal itself from parents to avoid complaints and it prompts schools to spend time teaching a social agenda rather than basic skills, and that has affected academic performance. 

And if your kids attend a public or charter school, they are exposed to this every day.  

Let's be Proud but not Prideful

There's no doubt that if your children attend MCA, they are spending their seven hours a day, five days a week in an environment which acknowledges God's existence, glorifies his Son Jesus and depends on his Holy Spirit for leadership and discernment.  That's what sets us apart from publicly supported education and is the distinctive purpose for our existence.  

But you're not sacrificing academic achievement and quality to be here, either.  By all of the measures established in public education for determining the academic progress of students, MCA students demonstrate a level of achievement that is well above the surrounding public and charter schools, and even exceeds most of the religious-based private schools in our part of the city.  Our alumni are easily admitted to the most challenging academic programs and generally distinguish themselves when they get there.  They have a background of Biblical study and training that is not easily swayed.  There's no doubt that they are in a place where their faith will grow, but they are also in a place where their level of achievement will exceed expectations as well.